Academic Incentive Allowance Assessment

In accordance with “Academic Incentive Allowance Regulations” enacted and published in the Official Gazette No. 29566 dated 18 December 2015, Academic Incentive Application Files prepared by our university academic staff have been evaluted by “Our University Academic Promotion Commission” based on the same regulations.

The application files have been sent to the Faculty Deanships and Directorates of the Vocational Schools for the adjustments related deficiencies which have been identified by the Commission. After the adjustments are completed, ‘adjusted YÖKSİS application forms’ are required to send to our Rectorate until the end of the shift on 05.02.2016.

Commission decisions will be broadcasted through our official university website on 08-09 February 2016 according to our university academic application calendar.

Academic Promotion Commission


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Deprem Destek Hattı
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